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About YWAM Mauritius in Africa & Indian Ocean

About Ywam Mauritius

YWAM Mauritius is committed to “Showing God’s heart to his creation”. This is expressed through the ministry of Healing, Reconciliation, Blessing/Empowerment and Release.
Our aim is to:

  • Mobilise young people
  • Train/Equip them in hearing God’s voice and discover their potential and destiny
  • Respond to and offer opportunities for others to respond to God’s calling to our:

Jerusalem – Mauritius

Judea – The islands

Samaria – The land of our fore-fathers

The ends of the earth

Isaiah 42:10 “Sing to the Lord a new song……you islands and their inhabitants.”


Believing that God has a common purpose for the islands, YWAM Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles work in close collaboration to:

  • Bring Healing, Deliverance and Restoration to all Indian Ocean islands
  • Build Unity in the body of Christ and mobilise Christians by imparting a passion to serve Christ
  • Create mission opportunities and develop the region in a missionary sending-off platform
  • Develop the region as a bridge between nations Known as the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a rainbow of different Cultures and languages. This volcanic island covers an area of 1865 kms with 330 kms of coastline. A barrier of coral reefs almost all around the island forms natural crystal clear lagoons with a magnificent marine life. The various mountain ranges provides amazing landscapes where rare and unique species of birds and plants  co-habit. Mauritius is a Republic since the 12th March 1992

Mauritius has been hosting DTS teams since early 80’s. The influence of those teams have triggered the hearts of many locals and stirred the desire to set their lives in serving the Lord. A few of them went to do their DTS abroad. Some are still serving in different countries. In year 2000, God brought together three persons and gave them the vision to pioneer YWAM Mauritius. The first school, Season of Service and Training (SST) took place in December 2002 with ten students and four staff followed by a DTS in August 2003 with six students from five nationalities.

Throughout the years, different ministries were organised to mobilise young people and stir their hearts to live a radical life for their creator. Part-time training courses were offered for them to discover their God-given potential and destiny and teams were sent on outreaches both locally and abroad providing opportunities to reach out and put God’s love in practice by serving others.