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Youth Hikers Program - YWAM Mauritius Ministry, Africa

Youth Hikers Program

Youth Hikers

Youth Hikers Program aims at creating awareness among youngsters about the beauty and sensibility of our natural heritage. The program will also be geared towards encouraging young people to develop lifelong positive values and lifestyle through the medium of hiking.

Goals of Youth Hikers Program

1. Raise up a respectful environmental generation

To protect, preserve and increase our nature, we need citizens who care for it and who are able to effect a positive change. The Youth Hikers Program exposes young people to the fragility of our eco-system by providing opportunities to explore the natural world by creating the opportunity of a direct exposure though hiking programs.

2. Raise up a skillful generation

The human body is a reservoir of infinite potential that needs to be discovered, developed and maintained. The Youth Hikers Program assists young people in their self-development by introducing them to the love, joy and benefits of walking, hiking and trails.

3. Raise up a relational generation

No man is an Island” goes the saying. Humans are the product of and have been designed to live in relationship. Youth Hikers Program helps young people to develop positive relational behaviour through interaction with volunteers and fellow hikers.

4. Promote Hiking

The Youth Hikers Program promotes local trails and exposes young Mauritians to overseas trails through exchange program with both local and foreign similar-oriented groups.